Proposed structure:

  • General explanation of the network in ds4 outside ip - inside ip (comes in at router, which only does routing and is not providing wifi) - connection to other access points switches which are daisychained to cover the entire house.


  • There is only one router
  • All other network devices on the network are either acting as switches (wired), as access points (wireless) or both.

Cable network: There is a Gigabit network that goes to basically the entire house. If you don't have a connection find yourself a cable and plug it in the nearest switch you can find (that will probably your housepart switch) * Wifi network

Access points:

  • Schuur: Upper_Schuur (in room 17)

  • Grot: DS4_LIVE_Grot (in room 1)

  • GR: DS4 (hanging on the ceiling)

  • Bovenverdieping: tp link c5

  • Middenverdieping: DS4_LIVE_SKYNET 2.4GHz and 5Ghz

  • Tropen: DS4_Tropen 2.4GHz and DS4_Tropen_5

  • Kelder: DVD


  • mediaserver available through network

  • explain network further

  • add ip addresses of access points with credentials