Old manual in Word ( MediaServer manual.docx ).

The mediaserver can be reached at the network location (\\ or \\mediaserver-3) where you can add/view our photos using any file explorer. The mediaserver is physically located in the Tropen. We can watch the movies in the GR by using the Venz V10 device and Kodi (movie streaming software installed on the Venz). You can also setup your own Kodi on your phone/windows/mac/raspberry-pi.

The following chapters cover the websites for adding new movies and series. Type the following username, password combination to access them.

username: ds4

password: powerpaapheerst


Movies can be downloaded with Radarr on the network location \\ Type that location into chrome (on your phone) to access the download service and add your movie (choose a quality which is SD or HD, SD or 720p should be enough). It will be available some hours later, since it is downloaded on limited speed. Find the movies on \\\movies.

Screenshot of requesting a movie.
Screenshot of a movie which has been requested.


Similar thing as movies above: access Sonarr on network location \\

Photo's and other files

The mediaserver stores photo's which are backed up daily to our cloud service. Add your photos/vids to save those sweet memories. We also store temporary downloads, but those are often deleted to make space.

Future changes

In the near future, the stuff you have to remember will become easier, when we enable easy to remember addresses: