What is VPN

VPN reroutes your traffic via a different internet point than normal, so that your traffic can be hidden from 3rd parties by changing the originating IP address. The effect is that your internet behavior looks like it is coming from a different place than DS4 and as such is harder to trace back.


We download movies with torrents. Torrenting works by sharing downloads with others and as such sharing your private data. If we replace that private data with something generic like a VPN server IP address, it is harder to find that we download movies.


VPN does not fix all your problems, it moves the problem of non-private/public torrenting to the server (obfuscation). Therefore if they can trace back our server, they can probably trace back our house. Your current house web admin can explain much, much better.

Without the proper files on your PC, VPN is very complex to setup by yourself.

How do I use VPN?

You need to setup a BitTorrent, uTorrent or popcorn-time proxy IP address to or (2a03:b0c0:2:f0::13b:d001) and port 443 (SSL port). Set as much as you can to go through this proxy (f.e. hostname lookups, peer-to-peer, etc. All your traffic needs to go through this server).

Want an account for the VPN? Ask your DS4 webmaster/web-admin.

Do you want admin access?

Please do not login to this admin portal, unless you are in a well-known, personal like DS4 or your parents house. Why? People can see the credentials, because HTTPS is not setup properly.

Admin portal -

Username: openvpn Password: you either know this password, or you do not deserve to know it.

cyberghost password ROODblauw222