Other activities include: - Big house cleaning

Big house cleaning (in summer)

The big house cleaning involves checking with the housemates if thorough cleaning is required, setting a date, discussing what needs to be done beforehand and setting a reward (like free radler and/or a free/house-sponsored BBQ).


  1. Ask the thesau for a sponsored BBQ (budget-limited, free BBQ)
  2. Dont forget to organise lunch
  3. Try to fix a trailer (aanhangwagen, land-lord/Roel Soetebroek as of 2018) and a separate small car to bring away garbage
  4. Dont forget to warn/notify people a day or two before
  5. Dont focus on the people not showing up, focus on the hard workers and their motivation.
  6. Know that we have an attic above the GR which needs sifting through every now and then.
  7. Pro tip: think what can be fixed while the kitchen/GR are completely emptied. Now is the chance to improve on things like racks, cupboards, old wood, etc.
  8. Work hard and get clean house as a reward.